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And you have a tough time deciding which to accept. Your sweetheart solves the problem for you by whisking you off to a romantic getaway spot. Health is good. Carry on with routine work today and avoid hasty investments or financial transactions. A parent may insist on some time this afternoon to discuss a legal matter and may require your opinion on a few family issues. Try not to be too judgmental.


The closer you are to each other, the easier it will be to resist all temptations. You complete an unfinished assignment during earlier in the day.

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A nagging health problem that had been worrying you, is resolved. You and your sweetheart may have jointly launched a new business venture that may already be showing promising financial results.

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  5. You may ask a friend to join in as there would be mutual benefits. Those going through a separation may initiate divorce papers today. New partnerships flourish.

    Home Horoscopes Horoscopes. Taurus If you have misplaced something of value recently, you will find it today.

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    Leo You spend the first part of the day catching up on pending paper work. Virgo Today s highlights are invitations to launches and dinners.

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    Phillip Hamilton, a research scientist at Boston's New England Aquarium, wasn't involved in the necropsy carried out on the whale found Sept. The whale was last seen alive entangled in fishing gear in Canadian waters in the Gulf of St.

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    Three other whales were also sighted entangled in the Gulf this year. It may end up being a mystery," he said. He added while it's safe to say entanglement didn't help in this case, he also wonders whether the whale was the victim of a ship strike. Twenty-nine right whales have died in North American waters since Hamilton said it's not totally unexpected that Snake Eyes would have been found where he was at this time of year, because right whales tend to range up and down the eastern seaboard of North America at various times of the year.

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    He said some 20 to 30 whales or more have congregated in a fairly small area of the Gulf mainly because of the food they find there. Hamilton said climate change is disrupting the feeding areas for the whales, which partly explains why they are showing up in larger numbers in the Gulf. It's also a partial explanation for the rare sighting last week off Newfoundland of an year-old right whale named "Mogul.