Full moon in virgo astrology

Well, that goes to show how each of the zodiac archetypes reflect onto our everyday lives. Now, in the case of Mercury-ruled Virgo, a physical representation of the mind and body, this astrological season is about being of service. Truth is, it is Virgo's innate divine duty to serve the people around them. Virgo's planetary ruler, Mercury, governs the mind and the hands, which is why Virgos are naturally hands-on.

Sitting opposite of dreamy Pisces, this mutable earth sign is a representation of the soul's greatest mission after it's been fully integrated with your day-to-day routine. So, how can you use your mind, body, and soul for the greater good? Sounds complex but the truth is right before your eyes. The essence of meticulous Virgo is all about crossing your t's and dotting your i's.

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This is a time to polish your craft and critique your surroundings. However, there's a big difference between genuinely critiquing something in hopes of making it better and being overly critical. It is Virgo season after all, right? Besides, the precision of a Virgo is a magnificent thing and trust me, we can all benefit from it. Think about it: Without a productive day-to-day schedule — in which you can exercise your due diligence both responsibly and practically — there's no way you're in the right mindset to create the stability you crave.

So make sure to keep that in mind during this new moon. In harmony with both rebellious Uranus and the Pluto-Saturn-South Node conjunction in Capricorn, there is nothing subtle about this lunation. This Grand Earth Trine is abundant, dependable and revolutionary. In fact, I dare to say this kick start of earthy goodness is paving the way for us before the highly anticipated Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto conjunction in January The sun energizes; Mercury analyzes; Venus gives it value and Mars dominates.

And in Virgo, these heavenly bodies express themselves practically, meticulously and with great detail. What area of your life needs the most work? How can you perfect your craft? With that said, see your new moon in Virgo horoscope and mantra below:. Sort out your priorities, Aries. WIth la luna renewing itself via your orderly sixth house of health, routine and due diligence, this is an excellent time to tackle the necessary tasks at hand.

Virgo thrives on practical programs and regimens, so all things that need fixing — especially in regard to your daily life — are sure to benefit from this lunation. In harmony with revolutionary Uranus via your second house of values and Saturn-Pluto-South Node via your career sector, new beginnings involving your financial earnings and professional life are more than likely.

Soak up the compliments, Taurus. The new moon will shake up your expressive fifth house of creativity, romance and joy, which means new beginnings in regard to your love life and individuality are likely.

Virgo/Pisces Full Moon: Practical Dreamers - Debra Silverman Astrology

Entertaining the idea of a new passion project? Cosmically aligned with Saturn-Pluto-South Node via your expansive ninth house of travel, publishing and entrepreneurship — in the midst of Uranus revolutionizing your sign — this lunation can also bring life-changing opportunities. Ready to let it all go, Gemini? The new moon will be renewing your domestic fourth house of home, family and emotional foundation, and in the sign of meticulous Virgo, there will be no room for clutter, and I mean that in every sense of the word.

Seriously, when was the last time you organized your humble abode?

Your Mercury sibling — Virgo — is all about the details, so how would you make this a positive new beginning? In harmony with revolutionary Uranus via your 12th house of secrets and Saturn-Pluto-South Node via your eighth house of sex, intimate unions and transformation, new beginnings regarding your sense of empowerment are likely. Make connections, Cancer. With the moon activating your Mercury-ruled third house of communication, thought process and immediate community, this is an excellent time to develop a new skill and do your due diligence.

Interestingly enough, this area of your chart belongs to Gemini — which means it has quite the mercurial influence — so feel free to tap into your multifaceted mind. Variety is key. In a blissful trine with electric Uranus via your eleventh house of friendship groups and sense of belonging and Saturn-Pluto-South Node via your seventh house of partnerships, this lunation will be swirling with blessings and networking opportunities. Are you ready for it? Is it really worth it, Leo?

The new moon is renewing your second house of income, values and self-worth, and new beginnings regarding your finances and personal investments are more than likely. Working on a new budget or payment plan? Looking for that promotion? Cosmically aligned with Saturn-Pluto-South Node via your orderly sixth house of routine and Uranus in your ambitious tenth house of career, this Mercury-ruled new moon is reminding you of your value and unique legacy in the world. Happy new moon, Virgo. I know this is a controversial topic for some, but for those of you trying to conceive, now would be a good time as this new moon is highly fertile.

Hiring personnel, if you need any, is favourable. The New Moon and the waxing Moon period favours, strongly, all your work and career matters and affairs. Finding a new job, starting your business, or even starting a whole new career, all receive favourable energies and much support. Money, though receives both favourable and stressful energies. Of both kinds, strong ones, too. Your income, in most cases, is not in danger. If anything, it can get better.

Your expenses, though, can easily go out of your control. Be wise and careful, wherever you can. Love and sex life can be a bit stressful. Those in a relationship will experience this more clearly, as problems in your relationship can surface. Nonetheless, this is a good period for solving these problems. The singles may realise what they really want and need, and maybe, what blocks them from finding it. This too, though, can be solved.

Horoscopes for the August 12222 New Moon in Virgo

There is a huge concentration of energies in your zodiac during this New Moon and this waxing Moon period. Stressful energies, as well as beneficial ones are focusing on you. Keep in mind that the beneficial and supportive ones are many more and much stronger. Therefore, there is little, if any, to be worry about and much to look forward to.


Progress in anything you are trying to achieve is possible. And a significant one, too. Family can cause you some stress, unsettlement and discouragement. Your other half and your relationship with them can also cause you some stress, but love receives more beneficial energies than not, so problems there can be solved, relatively easily. Singles, on the other hand, can meet interesting people. Your imagination can interfere, though, with your intuition, so some attention there is necessary. Nonetheless, employing visualisation for achieving whatever you want to achieve is highly advisable.

Also, this is a good period to take care of your most important people and relationships. Problems in your relationships can become more obvious. In some cases they may even look as if they are much more severe than they really are. What you need to remember, though, is that this is a good period for solving such problems. Work receives mostly pleasant energies from this New Moon and this waxing Moon period.

Also, money can cause some stress. Your expenses and obligations more than your income, though. Furthermore, your social life and social interactions receive mostly pleasant influences.

You are getting more socially active. You meet with your friends more often and in a mostly pleasant way. Furthermore, you meet new people, too. Internet socialisation, your social media and even your web-pages, personal and professional can also be boosted. You need to put the effort, but luck will support your efforts.

Virgo Full Moon

Work, career and business matters receive mostly pleasant energies from this New Moon and this waxing Moon period. There is some stress, there, and you may find yourself lacking confidence, at times, but you can do it, whatever it is. You need to support yourself and boost your confidence, though. Family and other people you consider important can also cause you some doubts and, occasionally, stress.

Once again, what you need is to believe in yourself. Money also receives mostly pleasant energies.

Harvest Moon horoscope 12222: What does the Full Moon mean for your zodiac?

Investing money in your business and career plans receives favourable influences. A pay rise, or setting the foundations for a better income in the future are both possible. Businesses and careers of health, healing and medications receive even better energies. This is a mostly pleasant New Moon and waxing Moon period, for almost all aspects of your life. Travelling and social life can cause you some stress from time to time.

Studies, too, may need more effort. Those studying abroad will experience this influence more than the rest. Nonetheless, even these fields receive more beneficial energies than stressful ones. Love life receives some good luck and boosting. Singles can meet some interesting people. Creating as many opportunities as possible can help you improve your odds of finding a new love. Also, artistic jobs and hobbies and whatever needs inspiration and imagination can advance. In many cases, quite significantly, too.

Your kids and their love life or their career can give you some joy, as well. This New Moon and this waxing Moon period can awake and reinforce your magical and spiritual abilities. If you want to achieve a progress there, or to learn new techniques and the like, this is a very helpful period. Not everything will come easily, but the results will be quite satisfactory and long lasting ones.

Myth, Magic, Moons, Stars….

Spell casting, is also favoured. Furthermore, this is a very healing period for you. Healing your psych, your life and your relationships is advisable. Cleansing your environment, too. Psychotherapies can have very good results. In the same time, psychotherapists can have a very busy and productive period, work wise. Work, though, receives some stress. Money, too.

Work and business matters receive some stressful energies from this New Moon and this waxing Moon period. Your relationships with your colleagues, business partners and bosses can become more intense. Nonetheless, the job is done and progress is happening. Law and the authorities, also, can cause you some unsettlement.