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The air influence also explains their telepathic connection. Now having air as an influence can be great in an Aquarius and Gemini relationship. It can also be a pain in the arse. They can become fickle and aggressive.

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They might not be clear on wants or desires. Or they might be so adamant about wants they become domineering and arrogant. Air element signs are all about starting original ideas.

Potential Problems

Aquarius always has trouble following through. The trouble follows through is from the under-developed dreamy nature in Aquarian star-DNA. Gemini has the Twin power in their stellar genetic makeup. When this couple works together, the results of their creations stellar!

Too much air influencing this couple can make conversation sound crazy. They might become too chatty and even start to annoy one another. Excessive air energy is welcome in the bedroom if it is fueling the stamina of the pairing. Air is a changeable element. Thus, the Aquarius and Gemini love match needs constant change. The continual change is to keep the relationship hopping.

Without change, the air grows too stagnate and so does the relationship. It can be exhausting keeping the spontaneity going. They will have to learn to develop a balance between who needs to turn up the excitement button. The Aquarius man is one who runs from commitment. What makes his relationship perfect with a Gemini woman is there is no need to run.

Both personas prefer a bit of space and personal freedom. They form a wonderful friendship that can often lead to sexual benefits. They might start bonding over coffee and conversation. The Aquarius man and Gemini woman soon learn they enjoy similar authors, artists, and entertainment. Chatting is a pastime they will never give up. They will text back and forth until they develop Blackberry thumb.

Taboos are non-existent in this relationship. They will try anything once, and if they like it, they will do it again. Experimentation is exciting. They could write their own modernized version of the Kama Sutra. A version with moves that would make a contortionist cringe. Nothing is off the bedroom menu. The tray will be empty in the morning folks!

The Aquarius Man

With some inappropriate behavior and adventure, Aquarius and Gemini heat up the bedroom. Both are happy to delay romantic interludes for pure romps in the hay and meaningless sexual fun. These two personalities are not in a rush to get sentimental or emotional. Keep in mind the vision of commitment.

It might not look traditional. Some Aquarius and Gemini pairings stay together for life without marriage. Others might leave the relationship open. In some pairings, a commitment to live with each other while seeing others is acceptable. It makes it non-clingy and more fun to be around. He may find some of her eccentric likes a bit odd, but they do not deter him from growing fond of her fast.

He loves the fact she is spontaneous. Unpredictability is the heart of Aquarius and Gemini relationship. The Gemini man knows right from the start there will be no bossing this woman around. He is not that type of guy anyway. Thanks to a laidback persona, he has no intention of doing so. Gemini wants to draw closer to the Aquarius woman at some point so they can develop an emotional bond. He will have to wait for the perfect moment not to scare her off.

These two make perfect lovers. She loves to experiment, and new moves are always on the menu. He loves the shock factor she sometimes integrates into love-making sessions. They will talk for hours before heading to bed. Both parties need to experience a mental turn on before turning down the sheets. Sex can be playful and gentle. It might be downright naughty and perverse in the Aquarius and Gemini love match. Yes, folks, vanilla, and chocolate are both on the menu!

An Aquarius woman finds the many talents of the Gemini attractive. She appreciates his flexibility when it comes to commitment.

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Although she can find him a bit fickle in the decision-making department. Being a Gemini his dualistic nature makes him a bit unpredictable and prone to extremes. A Gemini man knows how to turn on the charm and the Aquarius woman falls for it quick. She stays distant enough to be in control. Yet, she is close enough to enjoy the touch and interaction with her Gemini companion.

An open relationship between this pairing makes the connection feel free. It is more enticing than a commitment relationship promises.

No commitments, no strings, and no performance anxiety. If you were to give the Aquarius and Gemini pairing a star rating this couple would get a full five stars. The promise of lasting friendship is born through their connection. However, they have to take into account that air and fire are two very different elements of nature. The lions are pure fire, emotional and spontaneous, they need to put their heart in everything they do. But, can they work it out? The excess of romanticism of Leo, with a high need of emotional care and affectivity can overwhelm a rational Aquarius, who refuses to be even close to cheesy little things.

Who knows? The same happens vice versa. Leo likes to enjoy and have fun, not thinking about every little detail. It is a difficult relationship that needs time to work. After their fights, they will be together only if they truly love each other and understand their differences. Patience and perseverance are indispensable to keep them together.

Aquarius Man and Aquarius Woman ⋆ Astromatcha

Both know the meaningfulness of their own individuality and their relation with what surrounds them:. It is worth mentioning that this couple is a total referent of fashion. They seem to be together to inspire! Leo like to take care of their appearance in details, being true fashionists ; Aquarius are always informed about new tendencies and are always the first to try new styles.


Together they are the trendiest couple! Nevertheless, if they can find harmony between their differences, we all know that opposite poles attract each other. Both can accomplish their dreams if they feel the support and courage of their partners in life. The good thing is, even that Leo are more emotional and Aquarius are more rational, both are very optimistic and together they have enough strength to overcome anything.

Aquarius Man And Aquarius Woman: Nature Of Bonding This sun sign defines being genius, smart and intelligent, and they also like being called one, making them feel obliged for the same. The relation of an Aquarius man and Aquarius woman is based on the amount of freedom and independence that one partner gives to another, which forms the basis of the Aquarius man Aquarius woman love compatibility.

Aquarians are really creative as individuals and are sometimes referred to as someone who attains great qualities of being leaders and front runners of the society, ruled by the planet, Uranus, which is also know as the God of the sky and the heavens. Both the Aquarius man and the Aquarius woman are often known to be confused, who do not notice things around, thus being reluctant on understanding their surroundings, almost staying inside their heads all the time.

This sun sign is very sensible and pragmatic in nature, making them not a very emotional sun sign. Though we also cannot refer them as cold-blooded, it is important to know that they are not very inclined to being too emotive as beings. Thus, on a general note, the Aquarius man Aquarius woman compatibility is a blend of trust, love and reliability, in this relationship. Aquarius Man And Aquarius Woman: The Love Affair Both the male Aquarius and the female Aquarius are not verbally communicative but they have the ability to convey the information that they want to anyway, which is an appreciable quality that they hold, which gives the Aquarius man and Aquarius woman love compatibility a chance to genuinely flourish.

The communication between a Aquarius male and Aquarius female will thus not neccessarily be very vocal at times, but nevertheless, the messages will be conveyed on a level where the two can reciprocate with each other. This duo will share a very natural, enchanting and a delightful love affair with a spiritual essence to it, as they represent the symbol of a Water Bearer. They are also very unpredictable by nature, and any set of events happening between the two Aquarians will not be easily comprehendible.

Both the Aquarius man and the Aquarius woman adore friendship, which they look upto. The initial love affair starts with a good friendship which they really admire in a relationship that they look forward to.

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  5. Aquarians are very loyal to their partners, and seldom cheat on them, as they believe it is very important in an association like this. They do not appreciate disloyalty and the intention of deceiving one another at any cost. Aquarius Man And Aquarius Woman: Level Of Understanding Inspite of them being practical, logical and very unforseeable, the amount of bonding and understanding that an Aquarius man and Aquarius woman will have is immense.

    This sun sign is very thoughtful about their partners and will share a very kind and supportive connection with each other. There is a great amount of appreciation that the Aquarians hold for each other, where they feel a rush of emotions that they will perceive, recognize and acknowledge, for the fellowship that they may experience. To know someone with as certainty as they know themselves is surely a bliss. The Aquarius man wants her Aquarius woman to be something more than just being a typical wife doing her everyday chores.

    He wants her to be a life long partner, and not just marriage wise, but as a friend, a fellow traveller, as someone with whom he can share interesting ideas and opinions with, someone with whom he can share his crazy world and experience, and live them together. The female Aquarius wants the male Aquarius to be something more than just a loyal and an earning husband. She wants to see him as a father figure, a companion, a teacher, and a really good friend who will envisage with her.

    She wants that particular sense of love that they both had experienced when they first started seeing each other.